Visa Payroll card

Instant access to your money on payday.

Visa Payroll card

Get paid faster by having your paycheck deposited directly onto your Visa Payroll card, even if you don’t have a bank account.

How it works

A quick, secure electronic alternative to checks.


You’ll receive instant access to your pay without the hassle and expense of check cashing places.


Some Visa Payroll cards can be instantly loaded with cash using Visa ReadyLink.


Take it with you when you change jobs —you can use it for direct deposit at your next employer.


Enjoy the benefits of using the Visa Payroll Card.

Get a card

Find out if your employer offers Visa Payroll cards.

Your employer offers Visa Payroll

You already qualify to get a card through your employer. Tell your boss, HR or payroll department you want to enroll.
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Your employer doesn’t offer Visa Payroll

Put in a request to your boss, HR or payroll department and let them know that Visa Payroll cards can save your company money. You can also get direct deposit on any prepaid card.

Interested in Visa Payroll cards?

Encourage your employer to enroll